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Libby Culture

A different dental experience awaits you.

“To me, Libby Culture is about inspiring people to move, to smile, and to express good health and happiness. It’s in the personal connections we build together that ultimately changes the way our patients feel, so they can feel confident in their smiles.”–Dr. Landon Libby, DDS


Have a question, concern, or unexpected toothache? Dr. Libby is just a phone call away.


A dedication to business with a penchant for fun. Dr. Libby and his team are known for their light-hearted, warm service.


Openness and honesty are prized values at Libby Dental. You will always get an honest response to any question you pose!


At Libby Dental, no conversation is held back. Your needs and concerns are our inspiration for solutions! Before beginning any treatment or even a simple evaluation, Dr. Libby will meet with you for a ‘knee to knee’ chat to answer any questions you may have, listen to your concerns, and outline next steps. This way, you are empowered with information, know your options, and know exactly what to expect going forward.


For Dr. Libby, the biggest part of dentistry is connecting with you and helping you on the path to health, wellness, and happiness. And, your treatment doesn’t end at the door–Dr. Libby will check in on you in the days following your appointments to see how you are doing!


Creating certainty is the driving force behind what motivates our office and creates our culture. When a patient feels like they really know their dentist, and like their dentist really knows them, it eliminates almost all of the reservations and anxiety a patient might have about a dental visit. When you walk into the dentist office knowing that you are receiving the right service at the right time for you, all doubt is removed.

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If you are looking for a dental experience that brings you peace of mind, come to Libby Dental. Our goal is to provide relief, make you feel comfortable, build trust, and form a true connection that lasts. Whether it’s restorative or cosmetic dentistry that you need, we will have you walking out of our San Diego dental office grinning from ear to ear.

“If you can feel trust before you walk in the door, that’s the key to success.”

-Dr. Landon Libby, DDS

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