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Dental Bridges

Living with missing teeth can not only reduce your self-confidence, but also often compromises the strength of your bite. As a result, patients who have lost one or more teeth typically find it difficult to chew tough or crunchy foods, potentially leading to an unhealthy diet and a range of other oral and general health issues. While dental implants are considered the most natural-looking and long-lasting solution to missing teeth, dental bridges can also provide excellent results — and without the need for oral surgery! Dental bridges are ideal restorations for replacing consecutive missing teeth. The restoration is custom-crafted to look and feel natural within your smile and can reclaim a strong bite for many years.

Our cosmetic dentist, Landon Libby, DDS, would be happy to listen to your concerns and determine whether bridges are the best type of tooth replacement to achieve your goals. He can develop a treatment plan tailored to restore your missing teeth according to your unique needs.

What is a Dental Bridge?

If you have one or more consecutive missing teeth, a dental bridge may be recommended to fill in the gap and restore a full, healthy smile. A dental bridge is a custom-designed restoration designed to replace multiple teeth in a row. Made to fit comfortably in your mouth and appear naturally within your smile, dental bridges are secured with dental crowns placed on healthy adjacent teeth. This treatment can breathe new life into your smile as well as restore the full integrity of your bite!

Dental bridges have a high success rate and do not slip out of place, often making them a great choice to replace missing teeth. They also do not require surgery to install and can be ideal for patients seeking a minimally invasive restoration.

What Benefits Do Dental Bridges Offer?

Bridges can replace several missing teeth at a time without a surgical procedure, avoiding the need for anesthesia or major invasiveness. Rather than the bridge being anchored into the gumline, the restoration is secured to healthy adjacent teeth using dental crowns. Additionally, dental bridges do not require jawbone support to ensure a stable result. This makes bridges an excellent option for patients who may not have enough bone density for an implant. With a dental bridge, those with missing teeth can attain:

  • A fully functional bite
  • Clearer speech
  • A new, beautiful smile

Another option for patients involves implant-supported bridges, which can provide a more secure tooth replacement that looks and feels more natural than bridges attached with crowns. When supported by implants, bridges can also regenerate new bone growth. Dr. Libby can help identify the best restoration for you based on a discussion of your needs and goals.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Dental bridges are most successful for patients who are looking for a less invasive option to replace one or more missing teeth, or who do not have enough jawbone support to accommodate a dental implant. If you have several missing teeth in a row, bridges can restore lost form and function — whether anchored by dental crowns or implants. Dental bridges can be placed as a standalone restorative treatment or as part of a full mouth rehabilitation plan, which combines several treatments into one dental plan. It all depends on your needs and overall hopes for your smile. Our team is happy to provide personalized care for each patient, no matter the extent of their dental concerns.

How is Treatment with Dental Bridges Performed?

At Libby Dental, same-day CEREC® bridges are available to help patients reduce the turnaround time necessary to create and place their restoration. After a consultation confirms that dental bridges are the best solution to replace your missing teeth, Dr. Libby will prepare your adjacent healthy teeth for dental crown placement. Once your permanent restorations are created, your bridge will be placed to fill the gap left behind by your missing teeth and anchored via dental crowns. There may be an acclimation period while you become accustomed to wearing your dental bridge, but this is temporary and your restoration should soon look and feel like your natural teeth.

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

A dental bridge generally costs between $700 and $1,500 per tooth on average, but the overall price is personalized according to the details of each person’s treatment plan, such as:

  • The number of missing teeth
  • The location of your missing teeth
  • The type of dental bridge created

Our office accepts dental financing from qualified patients via CareCredit®, which provides accepted applicants with a range of payment plans designed to accommodate their budgetary concerns. Please don’t hesitate to call our practice to learn more about our accepted payment methods.

Dr. Libby and our dental team are committed to giving you a bright, healthy smile by restoring the lost form and function resulting from missing teeth. Contact Libby Dental today to schedule a consultation with our doctors at our convenient Mission Valley-area office!