About Us

Libby Dental stands apart as a dental office because of our ability to connect. We are dedicated to the emotional side of dentistry and how it can build confidence, keep you in the game of life, and allow you to be everything you were meant to be. We believe that a happy, healthy life starts with being pain-free. When you come join us, you’ll feel heard and supported by our dentists and team.

To learn all about our practice and what makes us unique, we invite you to explore the sections below, or simply contact us today to book an appointment to see for yourself. We would be honored to provide the exceptional dental care you desire and deserve!

Our Wow Patient Experience

We want you to experience dentistry in a brand new way. Creating beautiful smiles is an art. We have seen that by combining great knee to knee conversations and modern dental technology, we are able to invite you to be a part of the journey towards healthy teeth and gums and a confident smile—even before we start! By letting you experience what your smile can feel and look like, you are just as jazzed as we are to make your vision possible.

Meet Our Team


Megan has been helping people get healthy smiles for seven years. She is your concierge at Libby Dental and will facilitate your entire visit. She loves leading people through the process of designing their “health plan” and making it one that works in her patients’ lives. Megan’s little baby boy named Kane and her husband are the joys of her life.


Nichole is 100% dedicated to creating Health and Happiness. Her greatest joy in Hygiene is seeing people get excited when they “feel” the difference in having a healthy smile. Nichole is doing the most important job of all in raising little Olivia Libby. She is a super mom who takes great care in nurturing and raising her right.


Danielle is someone who will make you laugh and ensure your visit is fun. She has a warm, caring smile and demeanor that is so good to be around. She has been a part of the team since 2004 when she got her RDA license and then went to UCLA to get her expanded functions license. Her extra training in “extended function dental assisting” makes her such a knowledgeable, useful teammate to team up with Dr. Libby. She loves being efficient and organized, which helps her create an exceptional experience for every one of her patients. Compassion and a genuine concern for your health makes her someone you want on your team.

She has four wonderful kids and loves to be active with them in their busy lives.


Linda is sought-after for her amazing hygiene skills. Her patients have followed her for years, and it’s due to her gentle, thoughtful, personal touch and her experience in periodontal therapy. She received her training and education from Forsyth Dental institute and her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Northeastern University. She later attended UOP, Arthur A. Dugoni, School of Dentistry to obtain her RDHAP (registered dental hygienist in alternative practice) license. Linda considers the comfort and health of her patients as her first priority, while focusing on preventive dental maintenance. She enjoys the opportunity to help her patients understand why complete oral care is beneficial to their overall health. Her efficiency, thoroughness, and gentle manner are most appreciated by her patients. Linda loves spending time with her family, cooking, and attempting to garden.


Martha was born and raised in San Diego. She married her high school sweetheart and enjoys spending time with their first-born Julian and new puppy. She is involved with the community through her church and enjoys taking care of others. She loves creating a comfortable experience for our patients.

Philosophy and Values

Libby Culture

A different dental experience awaits you.

“To me, Libby Culture is about inspiring people to move, to smile, and to express good health and happiness. It’s in the personal connections we build together that ultimately changes the way our patients feel, so they can feel confident in their smiles.”–Dr. Landon Libby, DDS

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Have a question, concern, or unexpected toothache? Dr. Libby is just a phone call away.

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A dedication to business with a penchant for fun. Dr. Libby and his team are known for their light-hearted, warm service.

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Openness and honesty are prized values at Libby Dental. You will always get an honest response to any question you pose!


At Libby Dental, no conversation is held back. Your needs and concerns are our inspiration for solutions! Before beginning any treatment or even a simple evaluation, Dr. Libby will meet with you for a ‘knee to knee’ chat to answer any questions you may have, listen to your concerns, and outline next steps. This way, you are empowered with information, know your options, and know exactly what to expect going forward.


For Dr. Libby, the biggest part of dentistry is connecting with you and helping you on the path to health, wellness, and happiness. And, your treatment doesn’t end at the door–Dr. Libby will check in on you in the days following your appointments to see how you are doing!


Creating certainty is the driving force behind what motivates our office and creates our culture. When a patient feels like they really know their dentist, and like their dentist really knows them, it eliminates almost all of the reservations and anxiety a patient might have about a dental visit. When you walk into the dentist office knowing that you are receiving the right service at the right time for you, all doubt is removed.

Our Comfort Amenities

Our comfort amenities at Libby Dental include:

  • Coffee and tea bar
  • Warm blanket
  • Headphones for music or Direct TV
  • TV or movies in the ceiling above every chair
  • Aroma therapy
  • Warm face towel
  • Cooling eye mask

Contact Libby Dental

For more information, or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact Libby Dental online or by telephone at 619-276-6884 today!