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6 Reasons To Use Your Dental Benefits Before Year-End.

Not sure what your insurance covers? Just ask. Our helpful staff would be happy to look that up for you and book your appointment.

Whether you’re due for a checkup, you’ve been putting off getting dental work done, or you wisely don’t want to leave insurance money on the table, NOW is the time to make an appointment for 2017—before your insurance deductibles reset and our calendar fills up for the end of the year. Besides, a squeaky clean smile for the holidays is a great gift to yourself!

1) Saving money feels good

Ever find money in a jacket you haven’t worn in a while? Finding money you didn’t know you had feels pretty great. Discovering you have money left in your insurance benefits is kind of like that.

2) You’ve already met your deductible

If you’ve met your deductible and need additional work done, or you’d like to get a cleaning and checkup in before your deductible resets at the beginning of the year, this is the time to do it. You’ll be saving money otherwise spent on next year’s dental procedures. 

3) Know your maximums

Your annual maximum, as you likely know, is the limit on how much your dental insurance plan will pay for your dental work within one year. For most plans the yearly maximum typically renews every year on January 1st. That means, if you have unused benefits because you haven’t met your max this year, you’ll lose them on January 1st. Avoid an unhappy new year—give us a call to check your benefits.

4) FSA Contributions

If you’ve established a flexible spending account (FSA) through your employer, you may have pre-tax funds available to you for your dental work. Like most other accounts, if you don’t use your FSA contributions before the end of the year, you’ll kiss them goodbye. And wouldn’t you rather be kissing under the mistletoe this winter with a healthy, happy mouth?

5) Avoiding dental problems

The best way to avoid dental issues that are expensive, painful, or potentially detrimental to your health, is to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. An ex-ray or exam can prevent problems from ever happening, or stop them before they get worse. Our favorite checkups are healthy checkups, so the more frequently we see you the better your odds are of having a healthy checkup. Besides, we like seeing you.

6) Use it or lose it

Believe it or not, every year we see good intentioned patients lose hundreds of dollars by letting their dental benefits expire. We’ve all heard the adage “waste not, want not.” And we believe a smile—or insurance money available to you to protect your smile—is a terrible thing to waste. If you have dental insurance that you haven’t used up this year, now is the time to get in.

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