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Everything You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry.

For some people, going to the dentist is an enjoyable routine experience (who doesn’t love healthy checkups and a squeaky-clean smile?). For others, sitting in a dental chair can be mildly uncomfortable or even downright terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be. At Libby Dental, we want the experience to be as comfortable for our patients as possible. After all, we have the same desired end result: healthier teeth and happier lives.
Sedation dentistry is one option that can greatly relieve anxiety about dental procedures—and it’s something we use every day for simple things like a gentle cleaning to more technical procedures such as installing a crown.

Read on to learn more about the sedation dentistry options available to you, and call us anytime at (619) 276-6884 to ask questions related to sedation dentistry and to book your next appointment (especially if it’s been a while).

Sedation Dentistry

Who is sedation dentistry for?

If you have severe anxiety or a phobia about seeing the dentist, sedation may be right for you. It’s also a helpful procedure to consider when you need complex dental work. But did you know that more mild forms of sedation are available for those that are sensitive to dental care or may fidget during the visit regardless of the procedure? At Libby Dental, we always go at your pace, and today’s sedation techniques can help you move forward with the corrective or preventative dental treatment you need.

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Needle-free sedation—an easy way to relax.

Think sedation is a scary word involving needles and pain? Think again. Oral conscious sedation comes in the form of a small, easily consumed pill that can be taken prior to entering the office. You’ll remain conscious throughout your treatment, but the stress or anxiety you may have experienced in the chair will be gone. The end result: You get the important dental work you need, without the discomfort.

IV sedation.

IV sedation is form of deep sedation used more commonly in cases where complex dental work is done, such as a tooth extraction or full mouth reconstruction. Patients remain in control during this type of sedation yet they may not have a memory of the experience after the treatment is finished.

Fear: Don’t let it get in the way of your health.

We commonly see patients that range from having mild anxiety to some pretty extreme fears. Unfortunately, some of these patients put off treatment because of their fears, which can create an even bigger problem. Dental health is about more than maintaining a great smile—it can have a serious impact on your overall health. And the longer you wait, the worse it can get. Given the sedation techniques available today, there’s no reason to jeopardize your health and wellbeing because of your fears. Whether you’d like to know how to feel more relaxed at your next routine appointment, or you’ve been putting off a visit to the dentist for a long time because of your fears, give us a call and we’ll discuss your sedation options.

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