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Wisdom teeth removal—when is the right time?

How much do you know about the third molars way in the back of your mouth? Read below to test your wisdom teeth IQ. If you have additional questions, or you want to know more about your wisdom teeth and what to do with them, call (619) 276-6884 to schedule an appointment with Libby Dental.

Not everyone grows wisdom teeth.

Some people may only have a few wisdom teeth come in, or none at all. But don’t worry, whether or not you have wisdom teeth has no bearing on your intelligence. And not having wisdom teeth means not having to remove your wisdom teeth, so you can consider yourself lucky.

While most people will need to get their wisdom teeth removed, you may not have to.

Wisdom teeth typically come in between your late teens and early to mid twenties. Whether or not you need yours removed all depends on the structure of your mouth and jaw and how the teeth grow in. It’s a matter of fit and function. Many times wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow in properly, so they come in at an improper angle or remain impacted in the jaw. Sometimes wisdom teeth sit beneath the skin or just barely protrude from the gums. Monitoring the growth and placement of your wisdom teeth through X-rays with your dentist or an oral surgeon is the only way to know if extraction is right for you.

Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems.

The reason wisdom teeth removal is so common is because these molars can cause a number of health problems, ranging from annoying to serious. One complaint is teeth misalignment due to crowding as they grow in without adequate space in your mouth. They may also cause damage to other teeth or your jaw. Some patients complain of inflamed gums and even sinus pain or congestion due to their wisdom teeth. These teeth are also prone to cavities or infection due to their location and how difficult they are to clean.

You can remove wisdom teeth at any age, though younger is better.

When you have your wisdom teeth removed—or whether you have them removed at all—is a question of what’s right for you. Most people have theirs removed as young adults before any complications may arise. At Libby Dental, we can help you monitor your wisdom teeth so you can decide what’s right for you.

Just because they don’t hurt, doesn’t mean you don’t need them removed.

It’s normal to think your wisdom teeth aren’t a problem if you’re not in pain. But just because you aren’t experiencing discomfort doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from getting your wisdom teeth removed. Issues such as crowding or infection due to the angle of growth or impacted wisdom teeth may take years to develop, and you’re best to avoid these problems before they potentially become serious.

If you choose to remove your wisdom teeth, you’ve got options.

Talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about your options for removing your wisdom teeth, such as whether you’d prefer to use local anesthesia and remain awake and conscious during the procedure, or whether you’d rather opt for general anesthesia.

You’ll be back to yourself a couple days after extraction.

The recovery time varies by patient, but most people are back to normal within a few days of having their wisdom teeth removed. Eating may be a little difficult at first, so you’ll want to eat soft foods like yogurt, soup and ice cream. Yay ice cream!

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