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Habits That Damage Healthy Teeth

We all have patterns that are part of our everyday routine, but many patients are unaware of how certain seemingly innocuous habits can be detrimental to their teeth when practiced over a long period of time. Cosmetic dentist Landon Libby, DDS and our entire dental team believe strong patient education is the foundation of a healthy, beautiful smile. In this blog, Dr. Libby delves into a few commonplace habits that have been known to result in unnecessary damage to the teeth and gums. 

Drinking Lemon Water Throughout the Day

Lemon water is a healthy, refreshing beverage that many men and women choose to sip on throughout their day to stay hydrated. While convenient and delicious, drinking lemon water all day can be abrasive to healthy enamel if patients prolong the period in which they consume it. To help minimize the teeth’s exposure to highly acidic agents like lemon, oranges, etc., we recommend drinking fruit-infused beverages all at once — particularly when using highly acidic or citrus fruits. 

Using Your Teeth as Tools

It’s no secret that using your teeth to open packages, tear plastic, or loosen bottle caps is ill-advised. Generally speaking, using your teeth as tools can have unintended consequences like chipping the enamel or cutting your gums. Fortunately, treatments like porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and dental crowns can help repair any dental issues, but it’s typically best to avoid the potential for damage altogether. 

Brushing Your Teeth Right After You Eat

Brushing immediately after meals is an admirable commitment to good dental hygiene, but our team recommends waiting for a period of time before cleaning your teeth if you’ve just consumed particularly acidic foods, such as pasta sauce, blueberries, wine, coffee, etc. This can unintentionally cause wear and tear on the enamel, potentially stripping away healthy tissue from the teeth. 

Chewing Ice

While chewing ice is a mindless habit for many people, it can also result in cracks, fractures, and other types of damage to the tooth enamel. Not only can chewing ice lead to unnecessary damage, but it also exposes the teeth to a greater level of wear and tear.

Dr. Landon Libby and our friendly dental team would be more than happy to evaluate your teeth and gums and recommend potential solutions to repair any damage. Don’t hesitate to contact Libby Dental to schedule your semi-annual exam at our Mission Valley office.

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