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Cosmetic Dentistry

Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

In the past, straightening your teeth was considered a time-consuming, uncomfortable, and potentially embarrassing endeavor. With traditional metal braces using brackets and wires, patients had to contend with gum irritation and a restricted diet. On top of getting poked by the metal wires and brackets, those with braces also had […]

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Can I Straighten My Teeth Without Braces?

While highly effective in repositioning the teeth, traditional braces can involve a lengthy and uncomfortable treatment process. Patients who have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite often experience unfavorable side effects from braces, including gum irritation, sore teeth, a restricted diet, and difficulty brushing. Some men and women even forgo […]

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What Causes Teeth to Darken?

Coffee, wine, and tea are all prone to leaving stains on the teeth, but there are several other factors that contribute to even deeper, more visible discoloration within your smile. Dark teeth, or teeth that look orange, gray, or black, typically develop due to factors ranging from medication use to […]

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